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Fence It Right the First Time 

If you want to build your own fence, do some research first. Drive around and notice the existing fences. Look at the fences that are not holding up as they should. Don’t cut corners! Do it right and you won’t be disappointed! 

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Tips to Do it Yourself: 

  • Take note that even “large” corner posts will soon lean in if not set deeply enough, and braced properly.

  • Notice that even though a fence is tight and good-looking when new, if it is not constructed with “High Tensile” wire, it soon becomes loose and saggy.

  • Take note that Class 1 galvanized wire will show rust in as little as two to three years. (We use only Class 3 galvanized wire.)

  • Notice how "T-posts" will soon lean (bend) when animals push against them. (We only use wood line posts.)

  • A properly constructed end and / or corner brace is the first requirement for a well-built fence.

  • Driving posts into the ground works better than digging a hole and then tamping dirt around the post. Driven posts are sturdy and ready for use immediately.

Yes, you can build your fence yourself. However, we have the proper equipment, tools, many miles of experience, wholesale source of quality materials, etc. We use a skid steer-mounted post driver to drive the posts into the ground. We use 10' posts on the end and corner braces, driving them approximately 4 ½ - 5 feet into the ground. This allows us to use high-tensile wire that is tensioned properly, which requires fewer line posts. With our equipment, tools, and techniques, we can build more and better fence in less time.

It is much more economical to have us build the fence properly to start with, than for you or someone else to build it with inferior materials and inadequate equipment and methods, and then have us fix or redo the fence later. We build a very durable, long lasting fence, which in cost per year of life will be less expensive than cutting corners now, and the fence failing prematurely. That’s why our tagline is "Fence it Right the First Time"!

You can find good online instructions for building the whole fence, including the braces.
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